Capoeira Club

Capoeira is a Brazilian art combining music, dance and martial arts. OU is blessed with a student organization that teaches and practices capoeira on Saturdays from about 1:15-2:20 in Sarkeys Fitness Center. Amanda Minks, who teaches a perspectives course here at OU on Latin American Music and Politics, attends and participates in the club meetings. Students are not required to attend every single Saturday session, and the club leaders are very understanding of scheduling difficulties and course work overload. This is an excellent organization to join if you are interested in learning more about Brazilian culture or if you simply enjoy being active. We are taught capoeira moves while listening to the music associated with the art form and toward the end of each session we get to participate in a roda, which is essentially an opportunity to combat an opponent while the rest of the group forms a circle around you. If this description has just scared you out of your wits, have no fear. Capoeira is more of a game than a true fight. We practice a playful, beginner-friendly style of capoeira moves in the roda, and participants rarely ever actually make contact with one another. For instance, the kicks we learn are designed to pass over or in front of one’s opponent, not actually touch the opponent or cause damage. New members are always welcome, so please feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to get involved in a student organization on campus. Hope to see some fellow GEFs in attendance! 🙂

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